Roof Pressure Washing Cleaning

If your roof has ugly black roof stains, don’t worry. We can safely and quickly remove them. Salty Wave provides quality hot water power washing for fiberglass and asphalt roof shingles to remove ugly stains caused by algae, moss, and lichens. These stains not only detract from the appearance of your home but can significantly damage your roof.

Vinyl & Aluminum Siding Cleaning

Mold and mildew stains can leave your house looking rundown, but Salty Wave can wash mold, mildew, and stains away, leaving you with a refreshed home with added value!  Our gentle yet effective Salty Wave system combines the power of our biodegradable detergents with hot water for long-lasting beautiful results.

Composite & Wood Deck Cleaning

Composite and wood decks are beautiful, durable and long-lasting, but they require regular maintenance and special care to keep them looking great. Decks are exposed to all the harsh elements and can become stained from leaves, food, grease, rust, dirt and grime. Salty Wave does not use harsh chemicals to make your deck look beautiful again.

Concrete & Masonry Cleaning

Concrete and masonry cleaning is a snap with our hot water power washers.  Years of green mold and dirt are removed from vertical and horizontal surfaces in minutes, leaving your property looking like new!

We quickly and easily remove mold and dirt from your concrete and masonry surfaces with our hot water power washing.


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